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Precision aluminium castings

We specialize in custom aluminium casting.

We are flexible and adapt to your wishes.

We guarantee repeatability of casting.

We use precision casting technology.

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Custom production of precision aluminium castings

We use precision casting technology to produce thin-walled castings of complex shapes with high surface quality requirements (3.2 – 6.3 Ra).

The ANNA and JF casting utility patterns enable us to achieve repeatable casting with consistently high mechanical values.

We produce aluminium castings with these parameters:

max. 990 × 300 × 200 mm

max. 700 × 700 × 500 mm

max. casting weight 20 kg

We offer 4 types of aluminium alloys for the production of castings.

We use both leachable and ceramic cores for casting.

We produce both one-off and series castings to order.

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We have professional certifications and security clearance

We hold NADCAP heat treatment certificates, ISO 9001 and AS9100 manufacturing quality certificates and have NDT qualifications to NADCAP standards. We also hold a security clearance and licence for supply to the defence industry.

Precise and rapid prototyping is part of the production Rapid Prototyping using 3D printing, heat treatment and final machining of castings.

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We provide 3D prototyping and expert consultation

The production of precision aluminium castings begins with prototyping, mould making and test samples. We use Rapid Prototyping 3D printing technology for prototyping, which is extremely fast and accurate. The 3D plastic model replaces the original wax patterns for mould making.

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Our services include free consultations in person and online in Czech, English and German languages.

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We supply castings to a wide variety of industries around the world

Within our subsidiary Alucast machining, s.r.o. we provide you with complex production of parts including precise dimension measurement, surface treatment and complex assembly of components.


Electrical Industry



Defence industry

Optical industry


Artists and modellers

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linka dekorace H2 | Alucast, s.r.o.

Contact us


Do you have a 3D product design, a sketch on paper or an old product you want to cast? Write to us.


We will provide you with expert consultation and assess the suitability of your product for casting.


After consultation we will prepare a detailed quotation for the production of castings.


We will carry out the production and delivery of the order within the agreed timeframe.

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