Top quality production of aluminium and magnesium castings

We produce premium aluminium and magnesium castings using precision casting technology.

We provide you with the highest quality.

We save you production time and costs.

We are environmentally friendly.

You can speak both English and German with us.

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Our services and technologies

In our production we use precision casting technology, Rapid Prototyping including 3D modelling, our own ANNA and JF casting processes and professional machining centers.

Thanks to modern technologies we produce magnesium and aluminium castings with fine material structure and high mechanical parameters.

We are able to create castings with complicated shapes and cavities.

We produce both one-off castings and series production to order.

linka dekorace H2 | Alucast, s.r.o.

We can make precision castings for you.

We supply magnesium and aluminium castings to the aerospace, defence, optics, electrical, medical, automotive and other industries worldwide.

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Ing. Jarmil Cileček

Honorary Director

linka dekorace H2 | Alucast, s.r.o.

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linka dekorace H2 | Alucast, s.r.o.

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Do you have a 3D product design, a sketch on paper or an old product you want to cast? Write to us.


We will provide you with expert consultation and assess the suitability of your product for casting.


After consultation we will prepare a detailed quotation for the production of castings.


We will carry out the production and delivery of the order within the agreed timeframe.

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