About us


Alucast, s.r.o. is one of the largest manufacturers of aluminium castings in the Czech Republic. By using sophisticated technologies we are able to produce a complete part including its assembly, machining (at our subsidiary Alucast machining, s.r.o.), surface finishing and required inspection methods to meet increasingly difficult customer specifications. Our team members are proud of their capabilities to predict and flexibly respond to market demands and changing customer needs. Based on its own production capacities, productivity, work organization and investment policy, ALUCAST is on the way to exceed competitors´ capabilities and act responsibly to help customers find the best solutions to all their product issues and gain leading position in the manufacture of precise Al castings in the EU market. We are AS9100 certified.


Preparation of soluable wax patterns for the production of castings with complicated cavities and sizes:

- 650x650x350mm, 

- 200x200x800mm, 

- weight up to cca 15 kg

ANNA technology enables manufacture of castings with fine structure and high mechanical characteristic values (a utility model application no. 22155 was filed at the Czech Industrial Property Office)

Heat treating of Al castings iis under the NADCAP certificate

Evaluation of mechanical characteristic values, Chemical analysis 

Examination of homogeneity with X-ray beams with film recording and digitalized displaying

Checking the shape and dimensions of the casting on 3D optical scanner

RAPID PROTOTYPING technology, accelerated delivery of castings

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