Why casting?

When and why we recommend you  production of castings at ALUCAST

Your part must be finished within 4-6 weeks
Your part will be produced in series of 5 to 10,000 units.
Your part should have excellent mechanical properties. 
Your part requires high accuracy and top surface quality. 
The part has a complicated shape, and therefore machining would be uneconomic. 
The shape of the part may be changed after validation series and will require design modification. 
Production in the series will run by using another casting technique; you will examine the shape, function and marketability of the whole product at ALUCAST.

Castings made at ALUCAST - Castings for demanding yet cost-conscious customers

Also suitable for smaller series - We successfully produce parts in series of 10 units per year while maintaining the price
Top surface quality - Surface roughness of 1.6 to 3.2
High metallurgical quality - By using the  JFcasting technology  it is possible to achieve extra fine-grained and homogeneous structure with minimum porosity. Castings can be heat-treated and they have excellent mechanical properties - 400 Mpa
Castings with almost no post-machining  - Precise casting technology and high professionalism of all ALUCAST team members allow the production of castings with only minimum post-machining requirements.
Later changes of the casting are possible - Mold in which the wax pattern is prepared consists mainly of Al alloy so that any later change in the casting shape can be done simply by adjusting the mold shape.
Low-cost production engineering - Relatively low costs of production engineering for the manufacture of castings in Al alloys  by using the precise casting technology are based on the possibility to prepare Al alloy molds as well as on the fact that the mold is free of thermal or compression stress since only wax is processed there at temperatures of around 55°C. Service life of the mold is up to 100,000 wax patterns.
Short production engineering time - After mutual approval of the casting drawing, specialist engineering from the ALUCAST´s technical office prepare technical documentation for the manufacture of the casting within 1 week
Suitable alternative to plastic and steel parts - Precise Al castings can successfully replace plastic parts (molds for plastic parts cost up to 10 times more)

Co-operation between the foundry man and the customer in as early as the prenatal period of the casting and perfect mastering of the precise casting technique for the manufacture of Al castings at ALUCAST brings the customers reliable production of lightweight, high strength and complex components that successfully meet even today the engineers´requirements of tomorrow upon the shapes and high technical standards of the castings. Castings born in such a way have excellent functional and foundry engineering properties, and in addition, they also feature beautiful shapes.


Textile machinery part formerly made with conventional techniques,  
i.e. machining, welding, screwing, milling, etc.
Material: Fe alloy, weight of 2.1 kg
The part is now manufactured at ALUCAST using investment casting technique
Labor savings - 40%
Material: Al alloy, weight of 0.52 kg