High pressure waterjet blasting

High pressure waterjet blasting

Technology for the removal of ceramic mold by high-pressure water jet, which is used at ALUCAST, belongs to extremely eco-friendly technologies both in terms of quality of the casting surface, and environmental protection.  As shown in Images 1, 2 and 3, removal of ceramic molds with high-pressure water as opposed to the removal of ceramic casting molds in dry process, i.e. with air and solid material (steel grit), will guarantee that the surface of the castings is undisturbed with extra sharp contours.

Image 1                                                    Image 2                                                      Image 3


Image 1 Casting blasted with high pressure water jet

Image 2 Casting blasted with high pressure water jet and fine-blasted with corundum

Image 3 The shape of the casting has been heavily degraded, its edges are deformed due to dry blasting with solid blasting material. (This is what the casting from another company looks like after dry blasting with solid blasting material)